Understanding Socialism and Reading ‘Capital’

It is an amazing and very sad fact that no one I know knows anything about economics, about the single guiding element that defines our society in the period of late capitalism.  Tony Judt tries to address this in his excellent new piece in the latest New York Review of Books.  In this article, called “What is Living and What is Dead in Social Democracy“, which is a reworking of a lecture he gave at NYU in October, Judt attempts to figure out why Americans have historically been so opposed to the idea of socialism.  In it he gives a wonderful historical overview of the main figures of both the Chicago School of Economics—which has given us the last thirty years of dribble down economics—and the more social minded Keynsian school of economics.

And if you’ve ever craved reading Marx’s “Capital”, this link to David Harvey’s site contains his entire course lectures—in video—on volume 1. Harvey is a professor emeritus at CUNY and has been teaching Capital for over twenty years…


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